Letter from Amber Hilberling arrives at KTUL days after her death | KTUL

Amber Hilberling wrote a letter one day before she died in prison.The letter was addressed to Tulsa’s Channel 8 executive producer Amy Sullivan. It was in response to the station’s request to talk with Hilberling about her story and life behind bars.The l
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Randy Triplett Robbed, Slaughtered His Father, Stepmom | Crime News

In 2016, Clay County, Alabama became the last place in the state to legalize alcohol. According to locals, it’s a place that’s known for being peaceful.
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Murder of Lee-Ann Shannon by her husband Tim spotlighted

The brutal murder of Lee-Ann Shannon was perpetrated by her husband Tim in 2012 in Hart, Michigan. He drowned her in a bathtub so he could move his girlfriend into the family home.
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Curtis Lovelace: Life After A Not Guilty Verdict | Illinois Public Media News | Illinois Public Media

Earlier this month, Quincy native Curtis Lovelace was found not guilty after the second trial that accused him of killing his first wife, Cory Lovelace. Curtis served as a prosecutor and before that played football for the University of Illinois. His former wife was also a college grad, and a stay-at-home mom for their four children.
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Tim McVay found guilty of murdering Carrie Olson | wqad.com

After weeks of testimony and evidence were presented, Judge Michael Meersman delivered his verdict in the trial of Tim McVay.
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Shelly Harmon Pleads Guilty To Killing Roommate, Boyfriend | Crime News

It would be 30 years before Pamela Pitts’ murderer was brought to justice — but why did it take so long? “Pam” was the oldest of the four children born to Paul and Carol Pitts and grew up in Prescott, Arizona.  
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