Tuesday Chaos P1

So this morning I was up at my normal time, I got some YouTube videos in and that’s going to be the rest of the day also is watching YouTube videos and editing/uploading blog entries for the future. Also getting some needlecraft done. Many of the projects I have in my mind or on the needles are being worked on as the mojo arrives. I know I have promised friends gifts but shipping will happen when I can afford it. Life is good I am blessed even with the little hiccups along the way I have the best family online and off-line with a few minor exceptions today is going to be kind of nerve-racking because I have to go back to the damn dentist a place that I do not like because she does not listen when I say stop when it comes to using vibration and I’m gonna have to put my foot down since not only does it ruin my serenity but it is now broken my front tooth. In a place that has never been broken before and I remember when she could’ve fractured it’s “ Gentle family dentistry” but how can you be gentle when you end up cracking a tooth not even two weeks after a visit? Anyway I will post more with this topic after my appointment at 12:30 today.

May I Have Your Attention Please #Instagram + Journal

Good Morning & thx to my 8th generation grandfather & the 55 other men, we have a country not controlled by the British ! I know there’s people who are discontent with the circumstances in this nation & i understand but aside from a few major issues, we have a pretty great nation, but I wanted to speak on a few things. Our current leader is a bag of expired air who isn’t competent of running a nation and with his political history in his home state of Delaware where he was a senator from 1973-2009.I don’t understand why this guy seems to be in his home state more than in Washington. He’s been the butt of more jokes and controversy that president 45. As i was looking on Wikipedia for some facts it wanted to redirect me to Joe Biden Sexual Allegations. Cough cough, there isn’t a president of the United States who isn’t a dirty dog. Anyway I have spent the past few days enjoying time with the dogs and keeping track of my life partner who isn’t feeling well. My dachshund turned 17 on July 3rd so it’s been a celebratory weekend in our house. There is always going to be unhappy people & crime in the world so I’m no longer surprised with crime on a holiday. Just because it doesn’t surprise me does not mean that I’m okay with it. On another note, I am very happy to announce that i have reach 500+ subscribers on one of my three instagram accounts and it would be killer awesome if it could happen across the board. If you have instagram and would like to help me reach my goals: here are the two accounts that need followers

WWW.instagram.com/pslcraftingpawz and WWW.instagram.com/bewitchedcraftz

Friday Nuggets

Greetings and thank you, I have been spending my day being productive working on gifts and watching YouTube videos. I think I have probably mentioned 100 times by now, that my favorite things to watch are non-fiction/reality types of videos programs etc. within the past few days/weeks I have been intrigued by the macabre videos as I’ve always been interested in crime videos crime investigations etc. hi find myself attracted to rescue videos recovery videos etc. while I am watching these videos, I am knitting presents/gift for friends – those who have supported me cared about me over there days weeks months years on social media. I don’t enjoy socializing in the real world I have gotten my circle of companions very few that I can trust. I am more social online vs in person.

Daily Activity Nugget #PSLPawzKnitz #CustomerService

OK so the past few mornings I’ve been watching #AETV live just because and I am thoroughly enjoying the stupidity of the human public when it comes to driving. Something I do not do legally nor do I do it all because the government thinks I’m stupid or shall I say incapable. But regardless I know a lot about the way the world works because of all the TV and self education. Never underestimate me because I can surprise you. By the way I am knitting today and hopefully finishing a project or two will definitely post pictures when I finish. But I will say that I have an addiction to discontinued and vintage yarns. Also I am gaining a love for certain brands of yarn over others. With that I will update you later and my other website is booked through the middle of this week I believe.


Hello and I just wanted to send an update. #ShadyPalmMotel he’s going through some transitions and will be known as #ShadyPawzPress. I am very happy to announce that I have gotten my long-awaited gift out in the mail to their recipients hopefully they will receive them by the end of this month. Working on a few more gift intended projects and then I am doing donations only for a while because the pressure of getting gifts finished and out promptly can be very very stressful. Yes, I have a shitton of yarn in the storage area. I’ve got my eye on other yarn that I would like to try. But I don’t have the space for more at the moment. I am trying to work on a standard project size chart so that I can streamline things. I want to have standard sizes for my dish cloths, my blankets and my scarves. Not that I don’t love my friends on Meta, But I want to try and do more work on my own websites and other platforms that are more free-speech friendly. As for people putting their two cents in my life or opinions on my relationships – they can kiss my ass because it’s not their business unless I ask for an opinion. You don’t know the situation you don’t know the intricate workings. If I am happy then don’t fuss with my life because my mental health goes priority over any friendship that is outside my small circle family and if you are lucky enough to be in my small circle family count your blessings. If you were interested in a custom one-of-a-kind project if it has a scarf it is dishcloths feel free to follow me on Instagram. http://www.instagram.com/pslpawz.

First Guest- @pslpawz

as I am relaxing in bed with the dogs, I am thinking about the next steps with this particular blog. I started this one because I wanted an alternative space to release feelings release material that may or may not be appropriate for my main blog site. Nothing risqué or inappropriate just wanted to have a fresh canvas with a fresh name. I also wanted to have another outlet space. I am probably going to purchase the http://www.shadypawzpress.net domain asap. When I originally decided to open this site it was meant to be a journal and it’s still destined to be with a sprinkling of gossip and news. So hold tight for another production edit coming soon.

Welcome #ShadyPalmMotel

Hello & Welcome to #ShadyPalmMotel ! I started this particular online guestbook because I want to have a place where I can put my feelings away. Yes I do run a daily website but that is mostly news articles and other important items. #ShadyPalmMotel is where I’m going to lock away things that I don’t want on my regular website. So with that I thank you for visiting and I athat you took your time to read my thoughts.