Letter from Amber Hilberling arrives at KTUL days after her death | KTUL

Amber Hilberling wrote a letter one day before she died in prison.The letter was addressed to Tulsa’s Channel 8 executive producer Amy Sullivan. It was in response to the station’s request to talk with Hilberling about her story and life behind bars.The l
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Murder of Lee-Ann Shannon by her husband Tim spotlighted

The brutal murder of Lee-Ann Shannon was perpetrated by her husband Tim in 2012 in Hart, Michigan. He drowned her in a bathtub so he could move his girlfriend into the family home.
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Lauren Wambles, Ex-Porn Star Known As Aubrey Gold, Charged In Florida Murder Case | Crime News

A former porn star has been arrested after the body of a man was discovered in a shallow grave, murdered in what Florida authorities have described as a “very complex case” centered on “drugs and money.”
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Shelly Harmon Pleads Guilty To Killing Roommate, Pamela Pitts In 1988 | Crime News

More than 30 years after Pamela Pitts’ charred body was discovered on a pile of trash in 1988, her former roommate has been convicted for the slaying, but she won’t be serving any additional time in prison. Shelly Harmon pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in March, admitting she killed Pitts because she was upset Pitts was overdue on rent. But in a shocking plea deal, Harmon will not be required to serve any more time behind bars.
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Tim McVay found guilty of murdering Carrie Olson | wqad.com

After weeks of testimony and evidence were presented, Judge Michael Meersman delivered his verdict in the trial of Tim McVay.
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Shelly Harmon Pleads Guilty To Killing Roommate, Boyfriend | Crime News

It would be 30 years before Pamela Pitts’ murderer was brought to justice — but why did it take so long? “Pam” was the oldest of the four children born to Paul and Carol Pitts and grew up in Prescott, Arizona.  
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John Stamos Pays Tribute to Bob Saget 1 Year After His Death

On Monday, John Stamos shared a touching Instagram tribute for Bob Saget, in which he vowed to “keep loving” and “keeping hugging” for his late Full House costar one year after his death
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