A&E sues Reelz over On Patrol: Live , calling it ‘a blatant rip-off’ of Live PD

The complaint calls On Patrol: Live a “clone” of Live PD, noting that the Reelz series features the same primary hosts, content, format, segments, and more.
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How To Identify Fake Malachite

Malachite is one of the most readily faked crystals around, and it can be confusing at first to know which is the real version and which are fakes. Many sellers label their jewellery or crystals as ‘natural’, when in fact they are offering synthetic Malachite. This doesn’t just happen in places like Wish or Ebay, it is
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Tuesday Chaos P2

Blessed Morning and happy hump day friends! I am recovering well from yesterday and the dentist’s appointment. Surpassingly it only took 16 minutes to get things fixed which was amazing. No panic or anxiety attack but I don’t think she wants to understand that it’s the vibration and unintentional tool hits to my sensitive teeth that are doing the damage. Ever since I first broke this particular tooth I have had sensitive situations when it’s gotten cleaned. My entire mouth is sensitive when I’m cleaning, and I’m finally advocating for myself. In other news, i got my awesome lunch tote and travel tumbler so I am 99.9% certain that I am done with those collections unless I decide to do some swapping around. Knitting is going slowly because it’s the dog days of summer so crafting isn’t easy when you are working with yarn and no it doesn’t make a difference in the material.

Tuesday Chaos P1

So this morning I was up at my normal time, I got some YouTube videos in and that’s going to be the rest of the day also is watching YouTube videos and editing/uploading blog entries for the future. Also getting some needlecraft done. Many of the projects I have in my mind or on the needles are being worked on as the mojo arrives. I know I have promised friends gifts but shipping will happen when I can afford it. Life is good I am blessed even with the little hiccups along the way I have the best family online and off-line with a few minor exceptions today is going to be kind of nerve-racking because I have to go back to the damn dentist a place that I do not like because she does not listen when I say stop when it comes to using vibration and I’m gonna have to put my foot down since not only does it ruin my serenity but it is now broken my front tooth. In a place that has never been broken before and I remember when she could’ve fractured it’s “ Gentle family dentistry” but how can you be gentle when you end up cracking a tooth not even two weeks after a visit? Anyway I will post more with this topic after my appointment at 12:30 today.