May I Have Your Attention Please #Instagram + Journal

Good Morning & thx to my 8th generation grandfather & the 55 other men, we have a country not controlled by the British ! I know there’s people who are discontent with the circumstances in this nation & i understand but aside from a few major issues, we have a pretty great nation, but I wanted to speak on a few things. Our current leader is a bag of expired air who isn’t competent of running a nation and with his political history in his home state of Delaware where he was a senator from 1973-2009.I don’t understand why this guy seems to be in his home state more than in Washington. He’s been the butt of more jokes and controversy that president 45. As i was looking on Wikipedia for some facts it wanted to redirect me to Joe Biden Sexual Allegations. Cough cough, there isn’t a president of the United States who isn’t a dirty dog. Anyway I have spent the past few days enjoying time with the dogs and keeping track of my life partner who isn’t feeling well. My dachshund turned 17 on July 3rd so it’s been a celebratory weekend in our house. There is always going to be unhappy people & crime in the world so I’m no longer surprised with crime on a holiday. Just because it doesn’t surprise me does not mean that I’m okay with it. On another note, I am very happy to announce that i have reach 500+ subscribers on one of my three instagram accounts and it would be killer awesome if it could happen across the board. If you have instagram and would like to help me reach my goals: here are the two accounts that need followers and


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