PSA X Celebrity Death Etc

OK, so I have many things going on in my head between things I’ve seen on streaming and YouTube, etc. this is going to be an action act entry I think. The other week I began watching Spirit box communications on YouTube and the one with Bob Saget made me think so did the one with Tyre Samson I just watched the one with Paul Walker and even that one is my eyebrows raised about the cause of death the manner of death. Encourage people to be open-minded when it comes to celebrity death and not follow everything that they say if things don’t line up properly like with Bob Saget. Like with Brittany Murphy, I have yet to dive into the innards of that case but I might do that. I believe she was murdered I don’t believe it was an accident just like I don’t believe Bob Saget was an accident and after listening to the Spirit box with Paul Walker, that was not an accident. I wish the police department’s investigators were more in tune with really doing a thorough investigation instead of just chalking it up to the autopsy report the coroner reports etc. Another thing I was thinking about is MTV & editing their reality. I remember back in the day when MTV was awesome when it played music had music videos etc. it was an all reality television in fact reality television in itself has become such a prevalent mainstream genre that regular television programs are almost obsolete in Hollywood is struggling. Struggling to put out good content. Even with the movie theaters or lack thereof, entertainment isn’t entertainment anymore you had to do something fucking stupid and life-risking to get on television. Everything has become politicized everything has become racist sexist etc. many people don’t know how to interact with each other on a normal basis. I miss The way life used to be where you could say something and it is funny and it not be second-guessed as being rude or inconsiderate. #TheRealWorld #TeenMom #16AndPregnant all of those shows from MTV #JackAss #TrueLife shows that maybe have outlived their purpose because of the way people are editing television these days to make it fit the narrative much like the way mainstream media is editing real life to make it fit the story fit the storyline fit whatever they want to feed the public. I don’t watch the news anymore because it’s not news it’s dictated garble. Honestly, I don’t know how #TheRealWorld got to where it was before they started doing the reunions and before #TheChallenge 31+ seasons of certain reality shows tell you that the American public, etc. don’t like regular Hollywood bullshit anymore. We’ve gotten to the point where people think it’s OK to murder for stupid reasons #Abortion #Disagreements everybody brings a knife or a gun to a fight to be sure they don’t lose. I remember the day when it was cool to call the police when you had a problem now we call the police and who knows what happens good chance the officer gets murdered because it’s a set up #WarOnPolice The difference from when I was growing up to now and I wish I could mix it have some of the old-school ways of life mixed in with this life because the world was better off when we weren’t being dictated to what we could do. We didn’t have to worry about vaccines masks etc. I know people are going to say how can she be pro-life but yet still be anti-dictatorship in the sense of not liking the vaccine mandate the mask mandates etc. I don’t like the vaccine mandates and the mask mandates because I honestly have a feeling that it’s the CDC and the government trying to control the people. I believe that the government is trying to control. Control what we do control what we think makes us into a robot society of either do this or there’s a penalty. I miss the freedom I miss not having to worry about what my government/elected officials are trying to do. There are many freedom and loving Americans Who believe in the constitution as I do. I shouldn’t be penalized for speaking my mind. That is why I don’t always post on Instagram Twitter etc. because I don’t believe in censorship. I remember when Democrats and Republicans were just two different political parties now they’re enemies practically out for blood and it’s practically gang style. in closing, today I went to the mall like I normally do the mall is not what it used to be there are more stupid arcade games stupid amusement park features airport features than there are profitable shopping venues. I don’t give two fucks if were 94% or 96% capacity; it’s whether or not the people want to go to the mall to shop. End of story Dash if you bring certain features into a shopping mall that is one of the biggest on the East Coast and you have to bring gaming facilities in there to keep up the patronage you got a fucking problem also today I was a fly on the wall to a very interesting situation. I don’t know exactly all the details of what went down but someone was fired over text message while they were on the way to their nail former job. Now I know informing someone via text message via group text message is wrongful termination but it also makes you wonder if they do not answer the phone when they are now former employer tried to call them who knows but it just made for an uncomfortable situation for me when this person was flipping out verbally and I was questioning if it was going to become a physical circus performance shall we say. Let’s just put it this way the way people communicate these days it’s not as civil as it used to be and people including myself have a very short fuse and a quick trigger. Ever since I started doing these little essays recently, I realize that I come back later to explain certain things. And that’s OK with me because sometimes when I think and when I write things don’t necessarily come out the way I meant them to come out and I need to follow up with more thought. like I said earlier about Bob Saget Paul Walker about Brittany Murphy etc. I don’t think it was accidental death I think there’s more to it than The stories we were told. So when I have time to do more research about Paul Walker and Brittany Murphy I will. in closing we are only told what they want us to know we are never told the complete truth there is no guaranteed transparency and that fucking sucks.

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