Brain Dump

OK, I have not written a journal entry in a hot minute, and -wanted to do so because I have a lot going on in this old brain of mine within the past couple of weeks I have become a big fan of YouTube videos because it’s better than the Schlock they got on television these days, but a few things have remained in my mind about the videos I’ve been watching like the gossip videos and the spirit box videos and the abandoned videos. So I’m going to spill the tea on how I feel about the #spiritbox communications and other thing’s! For one, I think there’s validity to the spirit boxes. Yes I am a strong believer in the afterlife and angels/spirits etc. I understand family wanting to protect autopsy results of celebrity/public figures but when they themselves come out voicing their stories from beyond. A few examples being the voices of recently departed Betty White, Bob Saget & Tyre Samson. Now first, I found the interactions from Betty to be very interesting since they revolved around the current Russian attack on Ukraine, claims that El Presidente is attempting to start #WorldWar3. Whether it is a war-starter or just a sick assault on innocent human beings, it’s absolutely insane. Next-up is the interaction from Tyre Samson because I feel like I can be quick with this communication. According to Tyre, he was involved in a mechanical malfunction. A malfunction of the safety harness in the seat. Apparently the clips were loose. So I’m going to be watching the reports as they come out. There is also controversy surrounding the untimely passing of Bob Saget. Good gracious has this been a crazy unfolding story. I have heard something’s on his spirit box sessions that beg to contradict the “official cause of death” – Bob has claimed that there were people waiting on him when he returned to his hotel room in Orlando Florida & another claim from him states that he was struck in the head- which would explain the skull fractures etc. I don’t want to think that ABC’s favorite dad was murdered but what else would cause the crazy injuries which he sustained. Next in my crazy mind is that about Amazon, I have had a confusing history when it comes to my purchases and payments, I’ve always been diligent with all online payments & never often have I had issues with my payment performance.

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